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Barbara D. Porter
  • In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions be made to:
  • Marathon For a Better Life
    PO Box 268
    Warnerville, NY 12187
  • In lieu of flowers, the family suggests memorial contributions be made to:
  • Blenheim United Methodist Church
    PO Box 137
    N. Blenheim, NY 12131

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hi mom thining of you this morning my letters are getting further apart i am afraid i will forget about you or miss a chance to say i love you i get so lonely sometimes i talk to you all the time hope you can hear me they are things i have never told anyone i should have told you when you were here but i thought you would not be proud of me i love you dearly and i

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Posted by: howard porter - greenville, TX - son   Mar 16, 2013

hi mom been awhile since i wrote you a letter but i still think of you everyday the other day amanda really broke down and greived for you she misses you and we will all miss you for as long as we live but maybe you can shine a little light on amanda for a bit we can take care of us for a bit but she needs you to shine on her for a little while hope you can

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Posted by: howard porter - greenville, TX - son   Mar 06, 2013

hi mom i thought i could talk to you without crying i am gonna try later ok kinda down today been sad for three days love you

Posted by: howard porter - greenville, TX - son   Feb 03, 2013

hi mom i wanted too say that i love you i talked to jen lastnight and i didnt know you had left some money for us i told jen to keep it and pay for your funeral even when your sick and dieing you still thought about your kids i love you for that wish i had been a better son i know you said i was and you were proud i know i was a handfull but i live

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Posted by: howard porter - greenville tx, TX - son   Jan 30, 2013

hI MOM i know you arent a morning person but you can see this later its kinda cold out today unusually so and they say global warming huh been going to physical therapy for my shoulder i did alot of damage to it when i fell they did the surgery and now i have physical therapy think of you all the time took me two weeks to take the decorations down i came across a floral arrangement you made for

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Posted by: howard porter - GREENVILLE, TX - son   Jan 27, 2013

hi mom bugger here was thinking of you most of the day been having some health issues gonna die soon i think maybe the aids will win i go to see the dr tommorow i mean monday i am doing physical therapt for my broke arm its painfull as hell for sure anyway i gotta go and get mark from work trying to save money and drive the small car instead of the suburban it sucks gas like you wouldnt

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Posted by: howard porter - greenville, TX - son   Jan 20, 2013

merry christmas pink we miss you we know your watching down on all your 1 of the angels now love and miss you pokie and family

Posted by: florence - lumberport, WV - sister   Dec 26, 2012

hi mom its christmas day and know how special the holidays were to you i miss you more today than any other day wish that you were here it is actually snowing here pretty good too comming down fast been unusually wrm here like sat it was 81 today its 30 and snowing usually not that much of a difference i like to think of it as your way of saying i am here so i will go with that

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Posted by: howard porter - greenville, TX - son   Dec 25, 2012

Hi mom been thinking of you the last few days christmas is right around the corner and makes me miss you more than i already do jen is also sad she cries everytime i talk to her i am sad that she is so sad and i cant help wish you were here it would be so much easier for us we miss you and love you i am gonna have my surgery in the morning at 730 baylor dallas

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Posted by: howard porter - greenville, UT - son   Dec 12, 2012

hi mom just got up its about 10am here i gotta go to the dr and see what he can put me on for depression i am not snapping back to myself on my days off i go without showers just lay in bed all day mark says he is worried and he knows how i feel that his mom has been gone for five years and he still thinks of her and cries but mom you know i am

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Posted by: howard porter - greenville, TX - son   Dec 04, 2012